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175 Years of Pewsey Vale Vineyard!

175 Years of Pewsey Vale Vineyard!

Words from our Pewsey Vale Vineyard Winemaker, Louisa Rose.

What do strong brands that stand the test of time have in common? They each have a concrete purpose that drives every business and brand decision.

Our purpose is clear: to nurture the greatest Riesling vineyard in the world and, from it, craft wines that capture the purity of our single site vineyard and home in Eden Valley.

Riesling was first planted at Pewsey Vale Vineyard in 1847 by Joseph Gilbert, and today every bottle bears an element of the Gilbert family crest. While we reflect on 175 years of history and plan for our future, we know one thing will never change. Riesling is our single focus. We make nothing else.

I have been working with the Pewsey Vale Vineyard for over 25 vintages and been a keen imbiber of the wine for considerably longer. Pewsey Vale Vineyard is a beautiful place, high in Eden Valley with its northerly aspect framing views of the Barossa Valley in the distance, and over 250 metres below. There is a reason Riesling was planted at our Pewsey Vale Vineyard estate 175 years ago. This is the same reason Pewsey is one of Australia’s iconic Rieslings. The combination of climate, aspect, soil type and altitude of the vineyard, as well as careful, sustainable viticultural management, provide the perfect foundation to make outstanding Australian Riesling. It is incredibly rare for all those elements to fall into place, which is precisely the reason we will only ever grow Riesling at Pewsey Vale Vineyard.

6 Oct 2022

We do not really know why it is such a good spot for Riesling. Maybe it is the shallow rocky soils, or the windswept slopes… or the view. Whatever it is, the Riesling vines year after year grow with minimum attention, incredibly consistent grapes that make very consistent wines. The Contours released in 1995, Prima in 2007, 1961 Block in 2017 and Lighter 9% in 2021, we have known where in the vineyard to source these new wines as each block has its own characters and flavours that have been the same for decades.

However, it is not just the history, there is something timeless about the wines from Pewsey Vale Vineyard; the consistency from year to year, the soft acidity, the long palate, and citrus flavours make it a delicious drink, whether with food or on its own, either young or with some bottle age.

There are so many memories associated with the wine. For many of us in and out of the wine industry it has been a go to and stalwart. Always reliable, perhaps at times taken for granted, but in the end always loved and most importantly, enjoyed. There is a Pewsey Vale Vineyard wine for every occasion! – Louisa Rose